by Camdaki Kiz 65 Bölüm izle English Subtitles
Published: 14 January 2023 (5 months ago)

Camdaki Kiz 65 Bölüm izle English Subtitles

Nalan is a beautiful young woman who earns everyone’s love at first sight with her warmth. As the only child of the family enlarged hand baby, baby roses, lived in the existence of life and Nalan graduated with honors the best schools, Turkey finds’s largest hotel chain, which Koroglu company as an architect at running than himself Sedat Koroglu’ with marriage Eve. Although Nalan and Sedat began to walk hand in hand in this tale with hope, thinking that they are moving away from the dark secrets they have kept in their past; Soon their lives will sink into real darkness. Nalan is a young, beautiful and innocent girl who works as an architect in a big hotel. Her mother Feride is a conservative and obsessive old woman; she controls Nalan’s every move, what she wears and who she sees. We find out the reason for Feride’s bitter attitude: Nalan is actually her granddaughter – her mother Sema, was a teenager who died while giving birth to Nalan, and Feride has never forgiven the baby for “killing” her own daughter. Sedat, a young and good looking man, is the successful heir of the big Koroglu hotel. He lives in the family mansion, where his father Rafet has an eye on all the family’s spending with the assistance of Tako, a member of the household staff who spies on the family to learn if anyone breaks Rafet’s rules. Rafet wants Sedat to marry a nice girl, to forget about his undignified affair with Cana, a married mother of two. Sedat’s sister Selen steps in and tells her parents that she has met a nice girl, Nalan, and they might be a perfect match. After meeting for a dinner date, Sedat brings Nalan to his own apartment, where she sees women’s cosmetics in the bathroom, and a secret room, that suggests to her that this man is not who she thinks he is at all.