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The Textile Services Association (TSA) is the trade association for textile services professionals. Our membership ranges from large multi-site public companies to small family businesses. We protect, promote and educate the textile services industry.

Our membership includes commercial textile rental and laundry companies. Textile renters supply and maintain garments, linen and other products to the hotel & hospitality, healthcare and workwear markets. 

The textile services sector sits behind practically every sector of the UK’s economy. The service our members provide is core to the operations of many businesses in vital and important sectors of the UK economy.

TSA acts as a conduit between the industry and the government, representing members’ collective views to government agencies,
regulatory bodies and the media. We help to monitor and develop standards, educate and train the workforce, and promote our industry’s services to target markets.

As a member-led organisation we enable free and open communication between our members, providing opportunities to meet and socialise and ensuring everyone’s views are heard. We keep our members informed about the developments in the industry and provide access to the latest health and safety information.

TSA cares about the environment and promotes sustainability and energy efficiency in all areas of the industry, from textile management
to machine maintenance. We consult our members through working groups, forums and special interest groups to ensure we accurately represent the industry’s views.

As the industry evolves, we educate new generations of members in changing technology and practice, ensuring they keep abreast of new developments. We run courses for managers, engineers and technicians and provide training in the systems and machinery used in our industry’s processes. As well as running courses, we are actively involved in the development of an industry apprenticeship and a continuous personal development route (CPD).

TSA believe it is part of our Duty of Care to provide the information, support and advice our members need to deliver the best service they can.