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Fire Safety - Good Practice Documents

TSA undertook a project to address all the laundry firesafety concerns in one place. The following documents are a result of some great input from experts from our laundry and supplier membership.

Gas System Controls

Utility Management

This good practice guidance is focused on the key controls to manage the site gas systems and emergency situations appropriately.

Thermographic Surveys

Utility Management

This good practice guidance is focused on key controls for any container holding pressurised gas (or other flammable substance) such as canisters and cylinders.

Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems and Ducting

Utility Management

This good practice guidance is intended to help with the management and control of local exhaust ventilation (LEV), ducting systems as well as systems which form an integral part of processing equipment.

Electrical System Control

Utility Management

Welding and Hot Work Permit

Management Controls

Housekeeping Routines

Housekeeping Standards

Arson Controls

Fire Safety Management

Spontaneous Combustion

Fire Safety Management

Chemical Controls

Flammable Substances

Oxidising Agents

Flammable Substances


TSA gratefully acknowledge the invaluable contributions from the Fire Safety Project Group:

  • Matt De La Bertauche, Clean (Chair)

  • Alistair Hopkins, AWH Safety Solutions

  • Hanif Brora, Elis

  • Amanda Potts, Synergy LMS

  • Richard Newton, Opeque

  • Jayne Talbot, Christeyns

  • Bob Morrish, Ecolab

  • Dan Middleton, Clean

  • Ron Davidson, Cottage Linen

'I have found these documents invaluable for refining down what we need to address and it helps to have a reference point in fire safety'.
Michela Deegan
Learning & Development Manager, Johnsons Workwear