12 July 2021

Girbau University is organised in broad lines of training, to provide a range of up-to-the-minute content, useful to the different segments in the world of laundry.

This training is open to any laundry professional and classes will be delivered both online and face-to-face.


13th July 2021. – Girbau, no. 1 in total solutions for industrial laundry, has launched Girbau University, its online laundry training platform with a specialised programme aimed at industry professionals and staffed by working trainers with extensive experience.

Through different learning paths, Girbau University offers training of all kinds, ranging from the most generalist, like courses in running and optimising a laundry and specific modules on disinfection, to programmes created for laundries with special features that require more specific know-how, like those in hotels, hospitals or care homes. The goal of this new platform is to become a place to learn to improve a laundry across the board, seeing it as both a workplace and a business.

Girbau University is therefore open to anybody interested in expanding their knowledge of laundry through a programme that includes courses of all kinds, both virtual – where every student can progress at their own pace module by module – to live webinars where they can ask the team of Laundry Experts about their doubts and queries.

Girbau University is available through three spaces: the Girbau Experience Center (GXC), with face-to-face training; the E-Learning platform, where students can use quality online material at their convenience; and finally the On Tour scheme, training delivered on-site to learners, so that they can work with their own machinery in their own businesses. It also offers short-term seminars, with the focus on current topics in order to keep up to date with everything to do with laundry.

This initiative reflects Girbau’s determination to be more than just a laundry machinery manufacturer, by designing innovative solutions for textile processing on the global market, always with a local focus, in order to help its customers, team and partners to grow, to create an open community striving for economic, social and environmental sustainability. Like this, Girbau University forms part of this determination to open up, share, build a community and progress together.

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