29 April 2021

Since 2016, Laundry Efficiency have been on a mission to make the textile care industry greener and more sustainable. Their progressive business model of encouraging the industry to reduce excessive waste, pollution and misuse of natural resources is recognised with the United Kingdom’s highest official British business award.

The company is one of only 205 organisations nationally recognised with a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise. They will carry the honour of using the acclaimed Royal Warrant for the next five years. 

The highly coveted award is for their outstanding achievement in tackling important environmental issues within the laundry supply chain to make the world a better place.

Graham Oakley, the Commercial Director of Laundry Efficiency reflects ‘From day one, my aim has been to make the world a greener place. I am delighted that our consultancy services and greenwashing system is helping the textile care industry make critical environmental changes in affordable ways. Winning a Queens Award is testament to the transformation and high eco standards we get our customers to reach’.

The Queens Award for Sustainable Development is not the only award Laundry Efficiency has won. In 2020, they won Keele University’s Breaking the Mould Award for developing a new software system that gives Laundry Efficiency customers real time data to reduce their carbon footprint.

In addition to this, they won the Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce Sustainability and Environment award (2020), the FSB’s Green Business of the Year Award (2020, 2019, 2018) and LADA’s Green Impact Award (2018). All awards have been given in response to balancing economic, environmental and societal concerns within industry practice. 

However, despite the awards, Laundry Efficiency has vowed to continue pushing forward the idea of a greener, cleaner and more sustainable supply chain for the textile industry. They believe it is critically important that commercial laundries adopt new practices to remain relevant in addition to servicing their customers’ high standards. It’s no longer enough to offer whiter than white linen. Post-pandemic, linen now has to be white, clean and bacteria-free. 

The suite of products and consultancy services that Laundry Efficiency offer can give their customers clean, bacteria-free whiter than white linen. How? 

Firstly, their ‘NASA’ developed Ozone technology is an advanced product that kills bacteria, halves wash time, reduces plastic waste and decreases the level of harmful surfactants in drainage water. 

Secondly, their new Wash & Protect chemicals address the challenge of maintaining sanitised cleanliness as textiles remain bacteria-free for up to three months after washing – a claim verified by independent ISO22196:2011 testing. 

Finally, Laundry Efficiency takes a consultative approach, advising and creating best-fit systems for commercial laundries of all shapes and sizes. They will even train users up to healthcare standards and provide certification for laundry operators who continuously achieve best practice. 

Forward-thinking and environmentally aware commercial launders can rely on Laundry Efficiency to provide a complete ‘green washing’ system. A system that saves money, time, resources and provides credibility in respect to their eco responsibilities. 

Recent social trends indicate a new ‘war on waste’ is burgeoning, suggesting the general public could very likely reject a hotel, gym, spa or restaurant because of perceived waste creation and consumption. Therefore as the textile care market innovates after a challenging year, Laundry Efficiency has award-winning products that give laundry owners a springboard for a brighter future. 

For more information, please visit their website here

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