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Steering Groups are our expert community that drive the TSA’s efforts in representing the laundry industry. Currently, there are six ongoing expert groups in the areas of Health & Safety, Standards DevelopmentApprenticeships, Sustainability, People and Lobbying.

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This Steering Group has been responsible for making several invaluable resources and guidance available for the textile services industry in the UK and worldwide.

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Standards help us deliver consistent quality across all our operations. This Steering Group currently monitors and develops the standards that are relevant to the textile services industry.

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Textile Care Operative Standard was first approved by the Institute for Apprenticeship in 2018. TSA’s Trailblazer group leads the way in ensuring that the apprenticeship scheme remains updated and delivered with highest quality training and assessment.

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Laundry operations by design enable a circular economy. The industry has come a long way in optimising and fine-tuning the processes and operations. This group’s aim is to develop a roadmap for net zero targets and a wholesome approach to everything sustainable in the laundry industry.


People matter, they really do, they sit at the heart of our members’ businesses as well as the TSA. Via the group, we facilitate a range of forums and training sessions to help equip the industry with the tools it needs to make it an even more inclusive and enjoyable place of work.

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Building resolute political alliances and partnerships with the likes of UKHospitality, NHSi, British Cleaning Council (BCC) and UK Housekeepers Association (UKHA) has proved to be an effective way of improving the power of our lobbying. We strengthen and build these relationships further with the help of the group to widen our network and in turn influence. 

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